House Soups
House Salads

(Served with Soy vinaigrette or Ginger Dressing. Add mixed nuts 1.5 and/or cranberries 1.)

Side Items
Kids Entrées

(12yrs & under only)

Each entrée comes with one scoop of rice and your choice of steamed broccoli, green peas, carrots, or string beans

Classic Entrées

Chicken, Pork or Fried Tofu 12, Shrimp or Beef 14, Vegetables only 10

(Each dish is served with your choice of white, brown, or vegetable-fried rice)

Grilled Entrées

(Served over our signature green beans with a side salad and your choice of rice)

Fried Rice Entrées
Fried Noodle Entrées
Noodle Soups
Antai House Specialties

Each entrée is served with a fresh side salad and your choice of rice